Event # 11

Door 19 part II

Moscow, Russia

October 2014


As the first part of Door 19 turned out as a very big success, ArtKvartal the team behind, decided to arrange a Door 19 part II, inviting a new round of chefs and bartenders to cook and mix cocktails by turns during the month of October 2014.

This time the gastronomic focus was on Latin American- and Asian cuisine and the 470 sq. meters penthouse Arthouse was re-designed and re-decorated.

Even though it had been initially decided that no chefs from part I could be repeated during the second part, we somehow ended up with another invitation to participate this wonderful pop-up project :)

The concept at Door 19 is that every week 2 chefs are invited to each present a 4 courses menu, which gives the guests the possibility to choose between two different menus.

For our visit the “normal” concept of 2 guest chefs had been changed and Cooking in Motion was left as the only ones in charge of the big Door 19 kitchen. And instead of the “normal” 4 course we served 7 courses.

Apart from us, bartender Andreas Tsanos, who we met during our first visit to Moscow, had also exceptionally been re-invited to guest-bartend for the second part of the pop-up. Andreas is one of the most creative bartender we know and the kind of person who makes you want to stay hanging out in the bar forever. It is definitely not the last time we have worked with Andreas.

Menu highlights

  •  Oyster in tempura with yellow chili “leche de tigre” and coriander oil
  •  Mussels with yuzu beurre blanc, cucumber and wakame gel
  •  Creamy corn with caramelized foie, smoked paprika oil and crispy cancha corn
  •  Teriyaki braised pancetta with fennels, celeriac pure and orange blossom essence
  •  Eucalyptus infused white chocolate, freezing dark chocolate, pistachio biscuit and blue berries

Door 19 Arthouse

Серебряническая Набережная Moscow, Russia 109028

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