Cooking in Motion is distributing a unique selection of sake in Spain imported to Europe by Yoigokochi sake importers. 

We sell directly to restaurant, bars and private persons.

Our selection includes a great variety of different styles of sake from some of the best and most interesting sake breweries around Japan. What they all have in common is that they are “Junmai” types, which means pure sake where nothing else has been added except from Rice, Water, Koji (malted rice) & yeast.

Please contact us at for more info and how to buy some of these amazing sakes.

Our selection includes sake from breweries such as Niida Honke, Kinoshita Shuzō (Tamagawa), Heiwa Shuzō, Terada Honke, Kidoizumi, Mukai Shuzō, Chikumanishiki Shuzō, Sudō Honke, Mutemuka Shuzō, Ōta shuzō, Miyoshino Shuzō, Omi Shuzō and Inoue Gomei.

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