Event # 15

Sake Course

Cocktail Lab Barcelona, Spain

June 1st 2015

photos by Cocktail Lab Barcelona


Our first Sake course held in Barcelona in collaboration with Cocktail Bar Cook & Shake Barcelona.

First part of the course included a presentation with history and sake theory by Antonio Campins Chaler on of Spain's most respected sake experts and author behind the book "Sake la seda liquida".

Second part consisted of a presentation by us, Cooking in Motion, including a talk about sake & food pairing. Sebastian served 3 different small bites that we paired with 3 different sake to show some of the great potential sake has when it is paired with food.

Third and last part included a presentation by the talented Cristina Bruno Gimenez, head bartender of Ajo Blanco in Barcelona & ENTER.Sake bar in Ibiza.

The course was attended by sommeliers, chefs, bartenders, restaurant owners and people interested to lean more about sake.

Thanks for a great day! Kanpai!!!



Cocktail Lab Barcelona

Carrer Princep, 1-5, El Bruc, Barcelona, Spain

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