Event # 2

Flying Circus New Year’s Dinner Event

Tulum beach, Mexico

December 2013


Our first official Cooking in Motion event took place on the beautiful beach of Tulum in The Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Our trip to Mexico, where we spend 3 weeks, included the most beautiful Buddhist jungle wedding of our very good friends Maria and Anthony, a great BPM music festival, scuba diving and one of our until now most challenging cooking events.

Our mission was to cook the New Year’s evening dinner for the Flying Circus artists and their family and friends who had come to join their amazing party in Mexico. Flying Circus is the gathering of various excellent DJ’s throwing incredible parties on different locations all around the world.

And how come this event was so challenging? Well, we’ll tell you!

Tulum is a very beautiful but also very remote beach and the kitchen we had available was literally a jungle shack. Apart from that our main supplier of vegetables got into problems with his car which broke down on the way with our delivery..

In spite of very primitive conditions, delivery fails, a tipsy kitchen helper, two cut’s in the finger just before service this was not only one of our most challenging experiences but definitely also one of the most memorable.

As we were running very short on time all day, we unfortunately do not have many photos from this amazing New Year’s evening dinner event.

Menu highlights

  • Cambray onions with almond romesco sauce
  • Baked sweet potato with cottage cheese and truffle honey
  • Green vegetable curry
  • Fried bananas with bitter orange and coconut


Flying Circus Tulum 2013

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